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I keep searching for songs but it's not finding them.
Usually this happens when your overly specific, say you're searching for "Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording) [feat. Christina Aguilera] by Maroon 5", you shouldn't be typing all that into the search. Instead just try searching "Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5". This will get you much better results.

How come it's bringing me to a 404 page when I search something?
Usually this happens if you've used special characters in your search, don't use letters like $, @, !, ', ". Best results come from just using alphanumerical characters.

I found the song I want, but now it's not working...
Because we don't actually have the songs stored on our servers, we can't control whether they get taken down or not. It's possible that the file was just removed from the host server. Try finding another link, most of them will work!

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Pujian penyembahan download MP3

  • Berkuasa S'lamanya (Forever Reign)

    Listen and download Berkuasa S'lamanya (Forever Reign)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Terbesar (Stronger)

    Listen and download Terbesar (Stronger)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Kaulah Tuhan (This Is Our God)

    Listen and download Kaulah Tuhan (This Is Our God)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Kau Ditinggikan (I Will Exalt You)

    Listen and download Kau Ditinggikan (I Will Exalt You)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Kau (You)

    Listen and download Kau (You)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Berdiri (The Stand)

    Listen and download Berdiri (The Stand)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Global Project INDONESIA

    Listen and download Global Project INDONESIA
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Bagaikan Dupa (Like Incense/Sometimes By Step)

    Listen and download Bagaikan Dupa (Like Incense/Sometimes By Step)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Sumber Pengharapan - Cover By @VyanYP

    Listen and download Sumber Pengharapan - Cover By @VyanYP
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown

    Listen and download TERANG YANG MEMBERI HIDUP
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Natashia Nikita ( " Sobat Kekal " )

    Listen and download Natashia Nikita ( " Sobat Kekal " )
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown

    Listen and download PLAYLIST SPIRITUAL
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Ku Tau Yang Kau Bri - Bobby One Way (ORIGINAL)

    Listen and download Ku Tau Yang Kau Bri - Bobby One Way (ORIGINAL)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • CRCMusic - Lebih Dari Pemenang

    Listen and download CRCMusic - Lebih Dari Pemenang
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Urapan ROHMU-Dave DS

    Listen and download Urapan ROHMU-Dave DS
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Disaat Aku Bimbang

    Listen and download Disaat Aku Bimbang
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • - 08 - Segala Perkara

    Listen and download - 08 - Segala Perkara
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • - 06 - Panggil Nama Yesus

    Listen and download - 06 - Panggil Nama Yesus
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • - 02 - Need You All The Time

    Listen and download - 02 - Need You All The Time
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • The Twin Singers - Favor of God

    Listen and download The Twin Singers - Favor of God
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown

    Listen and download
    Source: youtube    Playtime: Unknown
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