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I keep searching for songs but it's not finding them.
Usually this happens when your overly specific, say you're searching for "Moves Like Jagger (Studio Recording) [feat. Christina Aguilera] by Maroon 5", you shouldn't be typing all that into the search. Instead just try searching "Moves Like Jagger Maroon 5". This will get you much better results.

How come it's bringing me to a 404 page when I search something?
Usually this happens if you've used special characters in your search, don't use letters like $, @, !, ', ". Best results come from just using alphanumerical characters.

I found the song I want, but now it's not working...
Because we don't actually have the songs stored on our servers, we can't control whether they get taken down or not. It's possible that the file was just removed from the host server. Try finding another link, most of them will work!

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Search Tips:

- To find better results, be sure to include the song + artist in your search query.

- Input as many words of the song as you know, this helps provide more relevant results.

Listen Instructions:

Step 1. Browse the results from your search.

Step 2. Click on the Listen button associated with your result to launch a pop up video.

Step 3. If that is the song you want to listen to, close the popup and click on the title link and enjoy watching your song.

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Below are your results for "Www lovenepal net com". If you are not satisfied with your results please refer to the Search instructions or the "Search Tips" section found in the left column. You may also do more searches to help pinpoint the exact song you are seeking.

  • Kaslai Sodne Hola~Bishnu Mahi Nepali Lok Geet 2012

    Listen and download Kaslai Sodne Hola~Bishnu Mahi Nepali Lok Geet 2012
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Mero dhadkan

    Listen and download Mero dhadkan
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • New Nepali Hit Lok Geet 2012 Pani Bharne Dharo By Bijaya Sunar(1)

    Listen and download New Nepali Hit Lok Geet 2012 Pani Bharne Dharo By Bijaya Sunar(1)
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • New Nepali Lok Geet 2012 Aiseluko Dana - Raju Gurung Krishna Gurung

    Listen and download New Nepali Lok Geet 2012 Aiseluko Dana - Raju Gurung Krishna Gurung
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Mutu ma naam

    Listen and download Mutu ma naam
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Bhai Tika

    Listen and download Bhai Tika
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Vayou birani

    Listen and download Vayou birani
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Junkai Abhav

    Listen and download Junkai Abhav
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Dhalke pipal

    Listen and download Dhalke pipal
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown

    Listen and download MUHAR HASILO
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Tiharko din

    Listen and download Tiharko din
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Yo tihar ma

    Listen and download Yo tihar ma
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Mitho Kura

    Listen and download Mitho Kura
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Bye bye

    Listen and download Bye bye
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Royo

    Listen and download Royo
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Kharko

    Listen and download Kharko
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Maya Garne

    Listen and download Maya Garne
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Nata sakchhu

    Listen and download Nata sakchhu
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Mayako Betha

    Listen and download Mayako Betha
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
  • Satra Tekeci

    Listen and download Satra Tekeci
    Source: SC    Playtime: Unknown
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